Next Browser PC – Windows 7/8

January 12, 2014, Category: Download, PC
Next Browser PC – Windows 7/8
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Next Browser PC – WindowsDownload the Next Browser and experience a quick and smooth navigation on the Web.

Next Browser is a Web browser for Android that offers a minimalist visual and several features that make it a great alternative to the default browser on your device. The program has support for tabs that allow you to browse multiple sites at the same time, without having to close any that is already open. Download free and the Next Browser and browse cool!

Although the Android comes with a default browser, there are many others available which offer extra features to make your browsing experience easier and/or more enjoyable, and one of the key differentiators of the Next Browser’s customizability.For example, you can customize the tools to let what you need the most always accessible to few touches on the screen.

The Next Browser displays a tutorial on startup so that you open your browser and you get used it without having any doubt about its main buttons. The tutorial shows essentially the use of the basic tools of the system, but in the settings menu you can find many other possibilities.

With the Next Browser, you have a browser with a home screen with shortcuts to your favourite websites/bookmarks (Speed Dail), fully customizable, which makes its faster browsing. It also has voice control, search tool and supports extensions, and can receive new functionalities by means of plug-ins to complete, the program allows you to synchronize your favorite sites on different mobile devices.

The initial screen of the program already brings a series of markers of famous sights such as Facebook and YouTube. But you can also add markers, playing in the rectangle with a “+” sign. The home screen also has an address bar at the top and another below the search bar, which has an icon of a microphone. To tap this icon will open the Voice Search tool to search by voice.

The Next Browser is a modern and full-featured browser-and the best: it’s still free! So, don’t waste your time and download this application now! After trying, you’re not going to stop using it.


  • Brings the most important features of the major browsers
  • Provides a tutorial
  • Supports plugins
  • Voice search works very well


  • Supports a few plugins
  • Requires Bluestacks Emulator in order to run Next Browser on a PC

Download: Next Browser for PCNext Browser for Android

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