MomentCam for PC (Windows 7/XP/8/Vista/Mac)

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MomentCam for PC (Windows 7/XP/8/Vista/Mac)
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MomentCam for PCMeet the new fever on the internet that will turn your photos into fun designs to be posted on Facebook. MomentCam is a program for editing photos and turn them into great drawings to be shared on social networks or transform itself into cell phone wallpaper. Don’t waste your time and download free app for Android and iPhone that became a fever among Facebook users, as it can fulfill its promises quickly and very efficiently. With a quick facial recognition system the application will stamp your face on great designs that are available in the MomentCam database. With several different themes you can create the ideal climate for sending that message of love to his girlfriend. Stay tuned to all the themes available because some will offer small areas the user adjustable, as hair height or size of the face. Of Chinese origin the application MomentCam has been gaining fame in major social networks because it allows the user to express all their creativity in hilarious designs. Be sure to take advantage of and surprise your friends with great designs that will have its face ridiculous shape stampings.

How to install MomentCam on Android

To install the MomentCam on your Android phone is necessary to click the download button that is available on this page and then wait to be redirected to the Google Play where the application is available. On this page you can find various information about the program, how to find out which versions of Android support this application and the size of the program. To continue installing the user must click on the link that is next to the icon and then confirm the mobile device associated with the Gmail account for which you want to download. Then wait while the application is downloaded to your device. At the end of the download enjoy the free version Moment Cam on your mobile phone.

How to install MomentCam on iPhone

To install the MomentCam on your iOS device, be it iPhone or iPad user must click the download button that is available on this page and wait to be redirected to the App Store where the application is available. To continue the installation process click on the ‘ free ‘, then select ‘ Install ‘ and finalize the process confirming your Apple ID to which the download happens automatically on your iPhone. Don’t waste your time and download free application that is available free for Apple devices.

How to use the MomentCam for Android

Now that you have the MomentCam installed and your mobile phone the moment has arrived to know how this charismatic application works. The MomentCam will recognize his face from personal photos, whether they are your files or taken immediately using your camera. After highlighting your face, the app will apply filter effects on image for her winning a semblance of comic and then take you to the catalogue of images where your face can be stamped. This process can take a little time, patience, because the generated image will have an amazing quality. When your face is stamped in a random drawing MomentCam the user can choose the desired illustration and then make some small tweaks to hide your figure and let even more realistic drawing. At the end of this process the user will have the option to save the image on your phone or post them directly to your social network profile.

Posting your pictures on Facebook

The biggest responsible for the widespread popularity of the MomentCam application is the ease with which a user can share the image created in their social networks with just a few clicks. With the image ready and saved in your phone, the user should just click on the icons of the desired social network that is, for the most part, to the right side of the screen, but that at certain times can move to the bottom of the screen. By clicking on the desired social network like Facebook or Twitter, the user will be redirected to the confirmation page of the post and you should log into your social network to do the posting. Fortunately modern phones that have the social network already installed applications keep login prior pair streamline those moments and you can submit your photos instantly after you grant permission to the application.

How to use the MomentCam with photos horizontally

A good tip for the use of Moment Cam is to keep it in an upright position in time to take your photos, the facial recognition system is not programmed to recognize faces in photos horizontally and this will get in the way at the moment to take a picture of the memory of your phone. Fortunately, in these cases the user can manually inform the face in the photo and the program encarega to make the necessary adjustments. To manually inform your face in MomentCam just wait the application request that you point to the same location in the photo in question. For this the user must drag the two circular dots for his eyes and a third point rectangle to your mouth. Ready, the program will do the rest of the work and you can have fun sent photos to their friends.

Dowloads Evaluation

With much creativity and humor the Moment Cam if it became the fever between web users and will be a compulsory application on your mobile phone. Enjoy turning your friends into humorous drawings with this program that is one of the most downloaded in the world. Download free to your Android phone or iPhone. Requires Bluestacks emulator in order to run MomentCam on a PC

Download: MomentCam for PCMomentCam for AndroidMomentCam for iOS

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