KakaoTalk PC – Windows 7/8 and Mac

October 15, 2013, Category: Mac, Windows
KakaoTalk PC – Windows 7/8 and Mac
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KakaoTalk PCKakaoTalk PC which is known among mobile users as a highly efficient client for use as a chat or messaging, now also will be available for PC.

KakaoTalk is an application that comes from South Korea, and that is very popular in that country. It is for this reason that the launch of the application on the PC is carried out first there, and then all other users will be able to access and install it on our computer from June 26.

The feature of KakaoTalk is that it allows us to chat freely, free of charge, regardless of the platform from which we are communicating with our friend @. For example, you can have an iPhone, and your friend @ you can have a tablet with Android, and they may be chatting seamlessly.

What makes clear KakaoTalk team is that the PC version has all the features of mobile application. But the fundamental thing will be there.

If you haven’t tried KakaoTalk I’ll tell you that it is possible through your service, to share videos, photos – images, texts and data contact, either between two or more users (groups). At this time to use their service don’t need to register, simply put a phone number (which of course must also have KakaoTalk installed), to communicate directly with that user.

On the KakaoTalk website you can find links to the various stores to be able to download the application to your mobile phone or your PC.

Download KakaoTalk for PC

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