Jetpack Joyride PC – Windows 7/8 and Mac

December 26, 2013, Category: Download, PC
Jetpack Joyride PC – Windows 7/8 and Mac
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Jetpack Joyride PC – Windows 7/8 and MacIn Jetpack Joyride, you’re taken to a journey toward heaven.

Jetpack Joyride is a game that challenges you to beat your own record. Very simple, you just need to escape the traps and collect as many coins during the game. Available for Android, iOS, Windows, Windows Phone, Blackberry and Facebook, the game is fun guaranteed!

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When you open the game, just tap the screen to start the match. In an overflow, the character appears on the screen and starts to move. To escape the trap, simply tap anywhere on the screen. But beware, missiles and lasers arise all the time to try and finish with your character!

How to play

During the game, you’re provoked to fulfill some goals. The challenges are quite varied, ranging from collecting a certain number of coins in a single match to fly near the missiles. To fulfill these goals, you earn stars that allow the evolution of levels within the game.

To collect coins, you can purchase new equipment, such as clothes, jetpacks, vehicles, utilities, etc. If during the game you collect special coins (Spin tokens), when your character dies you will be entitled to the “Final Spin”, a kind of slot machine that can give you a bonus.

The Jetpack Joyride is an excellent game for those looking for a fun and challenging hobby. In addition, the game is very simple. You need just dodging traps and collect as many coins in order to acquire new equipment. If you are looking for a simple game, but with many challenges, Jetpack Joyride is a great option!

Requires Bluestacks Emulator in order to run Jetpack Joyride on PC

Download: Jetpack Joyride for PCJetpack Joyride for Android – Jetpack Joyride Mac

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