Hungry Shark Evolution PC – Windows 7/8 and Mac

December 28, 2013, Category: Download, PC
Hungry Shark Evolution PC – Windows 7/8 and Mac
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Hungry Shark Evolution PC – Windows 7/8 and MacIn an ordinary day on the beach, many tourists don’t care whether there is any danger by turning those waters, they don’t know how this attitude can be a big mistake and as a sudden shark attack can be cruel. That the game Hungry Shark Evolution for Android users will be able to organize your own shark attack and spread fear of terror the seas, eating smaller fish and unsuspecting bathers.

In Hungry Shark Evolution for Android users will have access to a game where you must add up the highest score possible and for that he must attack fish and sea fruit as quickly as possible to gain levels and abilities. Be sure to meet various goals to become the greatest predator of the seas.

With play Hungry Shark Evolution

In this game the user can choose between several shark species, each with unique abilities and out attacking as many enemies as possible. For this the user must choose between two styles of command, use the movement of your phone system or drag your finger on the screen as a directional.

Another possible command is to press the screen with a second finger while moving your character, it will cause it to accelerate and make great leaps out of the water. Attention to what you want to eat, since many of the targets have defense system, which will require the player to adopt a specific approach strategy. After mastering these elements taught, just the Player use his creativity in the attacks to try to get the highest score possible.

How to install this application on Android

To install this application on your mobile phone it is necessary that the user click the download button at the bottom of this page and wait to be redirected to the page of Google Play where you will find the application. Then click the install button and confirm the device registered in your Google account. The download will happen automatically on your phone or tablet when it is connected to the internet.

The process is quite simple, because it uses the Google app store Play to reach the user. If you want to know how to use Google better Play and which applications are essential for Android, enjoy our detailed article.

CNET Dowloads Evaluation

Despite the game Hungry Shark Evolution put the user in the skin of the villain of this game and to base all its attractions in a strong dose of acid humor, this game shows a great mini game casual who will entertain users during uninterrupted hours. Be careful not to drain the battery of your device without realizing it because is so addicted to this game free for download.

Requires Bluestacks Emulator in order to run Hungry Shark Evolution on PC

Download: Hungry Shark Evolution for PC – Hungry Shark Evolution for Android – Hungry Shark Evolution iOS

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