GarageBand for PC – Free Download

December 27, 2013, Category: Download, PC
GarageBand for PC – Free Download
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GarageBand for PCGarageBand: turn your Mac or iOS in the Studio and produce their songs.

GarageBand is the Apple application that turns your Mac and iOS in full studio recording, with a collection of instruments you compose anywhere. The show received a revamp, won a new look, new features, incredible and became more complete yet.

Learn to play

If you still can’t play, can learn from the software, just buy classes within the application. Start with the help of 40 Basic Lessons for guitar and piano, which cover the classical, blues, rock and pop. Or, still, with the artist lessons, you learn to play a song with the artist who made it famous. You can play along with any GarageBand Class and use the “How did I play?” to find out how you did.


You can use realistic percussion and impeccable quality with the Drummer, which adds a virtual drummer to rhythm and play sounds that seem real. Are 15 musicians to choose from, and alternative rock to composers. It is also available a simple set of controls to improve the performance of your drummer. Each musician can play more than one million unique combinations of sounds.

Intelligent Controls

With Intelligent controls, you set any sound from the library with the help of a custom set of buttons and sliders. The visual, as well as the behavior of intelligent Controls vary according to each instrument

When using this tool you writes, mixes, and was entitled the shares. With it, you can write a song with up to 255 tracks and quickly change the time of an audio recording with the Relaxed Time.

Is available, yet, the Groove matching feature to align the pace and the time of all tracks with a single click. There is the functionality to choose his best performance with the help of several taken recording feature.

You can also go deep with the new bass amplifiers and do a mix with electric guitars, amplifiers and pedals in the boxes Amp Designer and Pedalboard. In addition, you can create a ringtone, export to your iTunes library or share direct by SoundCloud.

Integration with iCloud

There is the integration of the application with the iCloud to leave their projects updated on all computers. And, if you start to compose a song on your iOS, there is the possibility to import it from the appliance directly to another device.

Version for iOS

GarageBand has version for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch that matters projects created on desktop version, using iCloud. With this version, you can only use your fingers on the screen multi-touch to play piano, organ, guitar and drums. The instruments have the same sound as the real ones. But with him, you perform actions that you couldn’t with a real instrument.

There is the function to connect an electric guitar to your gadget iOS and play it using effects pedals and amplifiers. If you want, you can control the program and play any instrument remotely on your iPad with the app Logic Remote.

For anyone working with music or just want to “scratch” a few small productions, GarageBand is a very useful tool. In practice, it is the easiest way to compose music of better quality on your favorite device. Download and try!


  • Effects can be inserted in the recording
  • High quality instruments
  • Allows you to record the sound of a real instrument
  • Up to eight instruments can compose a song


  • Requires iOS Emulator in order to run GarageBand on PC

Download: GarageBand for iOS

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