Dungeon Hunter 4 for PC (Windows 7/XP/8/Vista)

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Dungeon Hunter 4 for PC (Windows 7/XP/8/Vista)
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Dungeon Hunter 4 for PCThe final battle between demons and Angels is about to reach its climax in Dungeon Hunter 4, the most ambitious of the series from Gameloft that reached the main mobile platforms and promises to be released soon for Windows 8. Don’t miss the brutal medieval battles Diablo style in this free game for Androids, iPhones and Windows Phone.

In Dungeon Hunter 4 the user will have free access to a classic RPG adventure, which takes place in a medieval fantasy world where demons and monsters face each other in the battlefield. In the middle of this war is mankind that needs to defend itself and with the help of angels will defend the humanity of this evil power.

Diablo-style action

A feature of the game Dungeon Hunter 4 is its similarity to the classic RPG Diablo 90 years. Adopting a similar gameplay and the same style of camera, the player will have to guide their characters by large mazes full of traps and monsters to be destroyed. Crush these challenges and earn experience to leave your character powerful and invincible.

The similarity between these two franchises are indisputable being notable only some differences between games in regards to gameplay. While the Diablo has the capabilities of the mouse to define with greater precision its movements and attacks, the mobile device you must use the virtual control and attacks in Dungeon Hunter 4 should be done taking his directional character as central axis of attack.

Dungeon Hunter 4 for Android, iPhone and Windows Phone

The process of installing Dungeon Hunter 4:0 pm all platforms are quite simple, because each one will use a download manager to ensure that the installation is done quickly and safely. The download manager used to install the Dungeon Hunter 4:0 pm your device Android is Google Play,a leading provider of applications for Android.

To start the installation for Android is necessary to click the download button for Android is available on this page and wait to be redirected to the Google Play where you can find more information about your application. To continue the installation process just click the install button next to the icon of the application and confirm which device you want to install the application. Then the download will start automatically when the user is logged on the web.

If you use any model of iPhone or iPad is possible to make the installation of Dungeon Hunter 4 by the App Store. When you click the download button for the iPhone user will be redirected to the Apple app store. On this page the user will have access to various information about the game and you can continue the installation by clicking the ‘ View in iTunes ‘.

Then your iTunes application will assume the installation, loading a new window where the user must confirm the installation of the App on your iPhone. For this it is necessary to click the free button, then click install and finish the process confirming your Apple ID. The download will happen automatically for your computer and to your termination can be transferred to your phone by USB cable or iCloud.

Dungeon Hunter 4:0 pm setup your Windows Phone is simple, fast and direct. When you click the download button for Windows Phone, the user will be redirected to the Windows application store for mobile and should click the install button to be redirected to the page of the application. On this page the user must click the install button and confirm your email of record of Windows Phone for the download occurs in your appliance. At the end of the download the user will have full access to the application.

How to play Dungeon Hunter 4

Now that you have installed the Dungeon Hunter 4:0 pm your phone it’s time to learn the main eating out of the game. When you open the game for the first time the user will have to create a character by choosing the class and a name for your hero. Then a video introduction will arise bringing the player to the game’s tutorial stage, where they will be taught the main commands and abilities of the game.

To move your character the player must put the finger on the directional icon that will appear in the lower left corner and then drag your finger on the screen pointing the direction where the character must move. The process is simple, but if the user’s finger is not positioned correctly on the screen, the command will not be recognized correctly.

Note that in the lower right corner of the screen of your phone will be visible several buttons, these are responsible for the attacks of your character. The biggest one, which sits in the corner of the screen, is the normal attack and can be used freely. The other buttons will be used to do special attacks when they are released by the player, these attacks may consume mana or have a period of time that is required to be used again.

Dungeon Hunter 4 Classes

Note that before game start the user must choose one among the four classes available in the mission. Each class has unique characteristics and should be chosen according to your style of play. Learn a little more of each class of the Dungeon Hunter 4 below:

-Battleworn: with a powerful sword and an impenetrable armor this class is the slowest among the gifts, but is capable of causing massive damage on their enemies and kill them with just one single blow. Great class for hand-to-hand combat, but is weak against magic.

-Blademaster: Using two swords the attacks of this class are fast and can destroy an enemy in a few seconds. Despite his defense and damage are not comparable to the Battleworn, Blademaster compensates for this flaw with its high speed.

-Warmage: Wizards of powerful beings and can cause a great deal of damage to the long distance. Their spells available can destroy an enemy army in a few seconds. Unfortunately the wizard needs to consume much mana to use your spells and has the lowest defense between classes.

-Sentinel: With his bow the Sentinel can make several quick long-distance attacks. Despite the damage caused by this class are low compared with the wizard, your skills allow you to confront an army and keep the distance necessary to survive the most intense enemy attacks.

How to run Dungeon Hunter 4 without a lock

With the approximate size and 1 GB the game Dungeon Hunter 4 can run so heavy in some cell phones. If you are experiencing these problems opening the game menu, choose the settings button, and in the lower graphic quality specifications. The game features 5 levels of graphical detail and while it could be mild to modest cell phones you can get a visual spectacular in most modern mobile phones.

CNET Downloads Evaluation

Despite the game Dungeon Hunter 4 present some moments where it is almost obligatory to use real money to get through some challenges, the game features a great gameplay, changing scenarios and will entertain players per hour, whether on the ground or campaign in the online game. Be sure to take advantage of this free game for your cell phone which is available in major mobile platforms.

Requires Bluestacks Emulator in order to run Dungeon Hunter 4 on PC

Download: Dungeon Hunter 4 for PCDungeon Hunter 4 for AndroidDungeon Hunter 4 for iOS

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