CSR Racing PC for Windows and Mac

December 24, 2013, Category: Download, PC
CSR Racing PC for Windows and Mac
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CSR Racing PC for Windows and MacTurbocharge your car and become the King of the streets of the city with this mind-bending game of cracks for Android.

Who is a true passion for speed for sure already searched some game that at least provides at least a little of the intensity that rolls in from the slopes. Currently there are many competitors in the genre, but not everyone ends up pleasing users, who often are looking for a game in the style of the film “fast and furious”, where the disputes take place on city streets.

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CSR Racing fits like a glove for you who have a mobile phone or tablet with Android. This is a great game full of cracks through the deserted streets of the city, those famous “drag races”. Brings the most famous brands in the world, and allows several tweaks and customization of cars. Combines stunning graphics in high definition with a very good gameplay, there’s a good chance that the user run a few hours in this adrenaline.


When you open the game right off the bat you pass for a “test drive” alone to learn the controls, which, by the way, these are quite simple (accelerates the button to the right, advances or reduces the March on the blue arrow indicated on the wheel). After that happens a rift with an adversary well crush, only to animate.
Beat him and then all options will appear that the garage offers, including all models of cars, several colors and items to increase speed, for example, the famous nitro.

Stepping bottom!

You get one way well “near”, with a very powerful car and practically without accessories that make your car faster. The extent to which advances in the disputes and accumulating money, then you can think about a new car, with more power in the engine or with better direction, so you have greater control of his car on the track.

Increasingly challenging

No matter what the model, can be an R8 vs GT-R, Continental Supersports vs McLaren SLR, is your car against theirs. As disputes occur in a straight line, everything depends on power, ability to switch gears and tactics, for example drop accelerating with everything or not.

The level of difficulty goes up every race won, until you win the King of his district. So, be smart to not spend all nitros that bought in a dispute that is relatively “easy”. Save the best of your car and your money with faster opponents.

Improve your car

You can choose between turbos, stages of motor, ECU tuning and racing tires to strategically improve your car and adapt it to your driving style. But remember: there are no two identical cars-don’t overload a RWD from thin tires with more energy than it can handle.
In addition, the CSR Racing brings several accessories to be added on the outside of the car, such as adhesives, Special paints and various boards.

Requires Bluestacks emulator in order to run CSR Racing on PC

Download: CSR Racing for PCCSR Racing for AndroidCSR Racing for iOS

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