Castle Clash for PC (Windows 7/XP/8/Vista/Mac)

January 7, 2014, Category: Download, PC
Castle Clash for PC (Windows 7/XP/8/Vista/Mac)
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Castle Clash for PCCastle Clash, face epic battles and conquer territories.

Castle Clash is a game for Android that wears the player the possibility of controlling a fief, face several epic battles, conquer territories, dominate enemies and becomes the most powerful King of the medieval lands.

It works basically between the resource control and the military power of the fief. Such resources are divided into gold and mana. Gold serves to perform upgrades and build new structures. The function of SIS is to invoke new units.

The structures of the game are divided into shields, shields, decorations, resources, attack and defense. Each has a specialty, which will help to leave its territory and troops strong. The user can choose between playing in PvM (player vs monster) in order to follow the game’s story, or PvP (player versus player) to face real enemies around the world.

One of the great strategic keys of the game is due to the units. Each has a different status, and thus, to form a powerful command strategies. This will be able to defend the base when attacked and, also, invade and conquer bases to win over opponents.

The graphics are pretty nice and the modeling of the heroes are well worked. The audio is quite interesting, with songs that pack great battles and sound effects ranging from warriors being slaughtered to screams and grunts. The gameplay works in a simple way for those who already have experience in strategy games. However, beginners will feel a little bit of difficulty at first, but nothing a little practice can’t fix this problem.

If you like games of build, attack and defend, as Battle Beach and Clash of Clans, this application is a great option! Download now!


  • Attractive graphics
  • Very fun PvP option


  • Sound effects can cause a nuisance
  • Requires Bluestacks emulator in order to run Castle Clash on a PC

Download: Castle Clash for PCCastle Clash for Android

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