Candy Crush Saga for PC (Windows 7/XP/8/Vista/Mac)

January 8, 2014, Category: Download, PC
Candy Crush Saga for PC (Windows 7/XP/8/Vista/Mac)
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Candy Crush Saga for PC In Candy Crush Saga, combine candy bars to eliminate them from the Board.

Candy Crush Saga is a set of reasoning for Android, iOS and Facebook whose challenge to combine similar candy formats with their respective colors. This is an application similar to the Bewejeled, but a lot more fun, since it uses juicy goodies instead of precious stones. To play Candy Crush online, simply access the page of the game on Facebook.

How to play Candy Crush Saga

To win the game, your challenge is to remove all the candy from the Board. For that, you need to move the goodies until combine them with other two of the same shape and color when this happens, the parts are removed from the Board.

After this level, you will advance to new levels that are becoming increasingly difficult, because when you move a piece from the Board, you might be surprised with a sugar bomb, which can end your game.

Calculated movements

The difference in this game with the others, is that it is not necessary to run against time to empty the tray as the stopwatch is running. You should be aware of the goals of each phase and given missions. Each phase has a certain amount of moves, exceeding this limit, you can no longer move the candy and is expected to start the game.

Some of the most common missions of Candy Crush Saga are the moving the ingredients to the bottom of the Board, without having to remove them, and also destroy bullets or gums only.


The first tip for you who want to win the matches, is save the lives we receive from friends. The app only identifies five lives, in this way, if you use all at once, you could lose your precious stock. In addition, it is recommended that you save the colourful fish to the end. They are very useful to eliminate the gelatins of complicated places.

One of the tips is if you start a game with very bad mints, get out of the game and start again. Thus, the candy will enter into new positions. You can also always play on the underside of the Board, because the chances of sweets descended faster increase.

For anyone who plays online, another recommendation is to use the Leethax. This extension for Firefox provides you unlimited lives, besides special sweets to help pass difficult phases. However, it is good not to abuse, because the differential of Candy Crush is the gradual and constant challenge.

Playing on PC

It is possible to play on your computer and without being connected to the internet. To do this, first, it is necessary to install the BlueStacks and have an account on Google Play. Just need to be online to download this application. After this step, you can start the offline matches.

Integrated with Facebook

The game Candy Crush Saga can be played online and is also available as social application on Facebook. To play, you need to have credits in the social network.

When you lose all your hearts of energy “, which are like life, you need to stop playing until the network put the sweets and the credits. A hint is to buy new credits. The heart of energy is used when you lose the game at each stage.

However, if you repent and want to disconnect the Candy Crush your Facebook, simply access your account settings. Then, search the applications option, and select the CCS. And, then, click on “remove application”.

For those who do not can receive notifications in the social network app, there’s a way to block invitations on Facebook. First, go to your account settings, and then click the option “lock”.

You can select the person who is bothering you with invitations and check “block invitations from applications”. Another alternative is to go down the scroll bar and select “block applications”. So, you will no longer receive nothing from the game.

Download of Candy Crush Saga and have fun at the game, which in addition to providing hours of entertainment, also exercises the reasoning.


  • Many levels
  • Free license
  • Good gameplay
  • Integration with Facebook


  • Limited movements
  • Items paid
  • Requires Bluestacks emulator in order to run Candy Crush Saga on a PC

Download: Candy Crush Saga for PCCandy Crush Saga for AndroidCandy Crush Saga for iOS

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