BBM for PC (Windows 7/XP/8/Vista/Mac)

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BBM for PC (Windows 7/XP/8/Vista/Mac)
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BBM for PC How to run BBM PC operating systems such as Windows and Mac.Blackberry smartphones are not selling, and they’re right behind devices using Android, iOS systems. Despite this, the service “free messages” of the system was long awaited by users of these systems. The wait is finally over and the BBM – abbreviation for BlackBerry Messenger – finally can be downloaded for free on their ‘ Stores ‘ applications.

The ‘ new ‘ WhatsApp?

About eight hours after the launch, the BBM had already reached the mark of five million downloads, adding to the data of Android and iPhone. The wait was old in many countries, and the success of BBM was imminent. Still, for many, the release occurred with a certain delay, since there are various similar applications on the market.

Free messages to any device

Basically, the BBM has no function type that differentiates the big names among the messengers, because it also allows the user to send free messages among its contacts in the network. Here we find a downside of BBM system, since he does not use the user’s address book to search for their friends, and the same should be added via email, through the BlackBerry ID, which must be created after installing the app.

In addition to sending free messages, you can send photos to contacts and voice messages with up to two minutes long, a little streamlining the sending long messages and facilitating the lives of those who do not have credits to a link, but that are connected to a Wi-Fi network, for example. Like other app ‘s, the BlackBerry Messenger also enables the creation of groups of friends.

How to add numbered and create groups on BBM

The program’s interface is divided into three areas ‘ main ‘; Chats, contacts and groups. The first area lists all ‘ chats ‘ that have already been opened with your friends. In its first use, this area should probably be empty. Click “contacts”, then click on the button on the central part to add a contact, four given options: QR Code, PIN, Email and SMS.

This is the part that the BBM leaves something to be desired compared to its main competitors. As has already been mentioned, he integrates your contact list of the phone, causing the user to have the arduous task of searching for all of their friends present in the network. Once added to your contacts, you can create groups to categorize the same.

Click the “groups” and select “Create new group”. Edit group information and, if you prefer, select the option “allow members to invite others”, so that any user can invite new members – a brief advantage of BBM compared to WhatsApp, for example. Select the group in the list and get access to four areas: group chat, Photos, lists, and events.

This method of separating the group into parts is quite interesting, it allows users to create to-do lists for groups at work and, at the same time, manage events for your group of friends. In this way, by inviting everyone to a specific party, no one will be lost, since all the information will be on the home screen of the app.

The point of these lists, is the fact that BBM lets you assign each item to a specific user, increasing the functionality of the application, both for the business environment, as to the personal environment, you can select those who will be responsible for each item of the barbecue this weekend, for example. Despite being a great functionality, maybe it’s not she’s not responsible for attracting users from WhatsApp.

Talking with friends on BlackBerry Messenger

In the chat window with your friends, there is a text field at the bottom, where the message to be sent must be entered. On the right-hand side of the field there is a button that allows you to access the various emoticons available from BBM and, at the bottom you can add friends to talk and access the “attach” button, which allows the sending of images, enables sending voice messages, with a limit of two minutes of recording.

A ‘ new ‘ Messenger for your smartphone

BBM has a long road ahead. The name BlackBerry isn’t as known in Brazil as it is abroad, and receptivity to the app may not be as high. The aforementioned delay compared to major competitors is something that can weigh against the messenger of BlackBerry, in addition to the features similar to same.

The main advantage of him in relation to WhatsApp, for example, is the fact that it is completely free of charge and free of advertising. Logically, the method as it separates activities within a group can be beneficial, especially for small businesses, which can give a certain “engaged” in the app.

Requires Bluestacks Android Emulator in order to run BBM on PC

Download: BBM for PCBBM for AndroidBBM for Mac

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