Asphalt 8 for PC (Windows 7/XP/8/Vista/Mac)

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Asphalt 8 for PC (Windows 7/XP/8/Vista/Mac)
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Asphalt 8 for PCHow to run Asphalt 8 PC for operating systems such as Windows and Mac.Throw in several tracks with more than 40 cars in this racing game which features a physics envy the other games.

Many novelties

In this game, you will take a ride around the world on a journey through Japan, Iceland, Venice, France, French Guiana and Brazil. The clues have secret shortcuts and all of them have a mirrored mode (which is the track reversed) in career mode. In total, there are 47 cars for collecting, 80% of these being entirely new. They are divided into several classes. So, you will need to participate in eight seasons and 180 races to finish the career mode.

There’s a big re-wording of the game, especially because the engine of Asphalt not changed since the fifth version of the game. Was an own graphics engine which limited the gameplay while this new engine creates a new look for the game, guaranteeing best effects in physics and why so many extreme maneuvers with the car. However, it also created major difficulties, since the physics became more perfect. Make a drifting, for example, is no easy task for anyone. This type of improvement was made not only to create realism, but to create greater capabilities of destruction of cars, stunts and difficulty levels in racing.

There are also more ramps scattered the clues. They are used to do those stunts and also perform somersaults in the air, so you get more points on the slopes. Because of this, the classic slopes were cast aside so you can take advantage of the new circuits, as proof of Tokyo and in Iceland, which is a real masterpiece of the asphalt.

Different campaigns

Already among the campaigns of the game, it is possible to choose between various types. The multiplayer mode, for example, is online and very well done, for you compete in real-time against up to seven opponents. The races are divided into “classic”, “disposal” and “Infection”. The “classic” mode is a normal race and WINS first come first served and the elimination is a dispute not only of race, but of survival not to leave your car explode before the end of the race.

But the novelty is the “Infection”. In it, a runner gets infected and receives a regressive time counter, plus infinite nitro. The player’s mission is to destroy the infected other cars to win more time and continue in the competition. Whoever comes first wins at the finish line. If the infected have reduced time to zero, he has the car destroyed.

Another way that surprises is the “Ghost”, in which you can record your best performances from career mode to use it against other opponents who are playing in this mode. Thus, you can compete against the best ghosts in that game and see if it is able to survive.


The commands of Asphalt 8: Airborne are so simple that anyone will find ease to control cars. Make no mistake: some tracks will be very difficult, however any person will have the chance to fulfill a proof, because the gameplay was designed for all types of players. In the curves, you must tilt your device.

You can also access the settings menu to change the control scheme, so you can choose what you prefer to use at the time of the game. Skid slopes, for example, you can choose the mode “Play to turn” and thus the acceleration continues, but the brake and nitro are positioned on the screen while the sides of the unit serve to turn the car around. If he turns only with the movement, the skid screens are easier.

To fill your nitro meter, you will need to do a lot of stunts. So, learn to enjoy straight ramps, clicking on the brake and turn, performing spins of 360 degrees. In the steeps, take several pirouettes. With the nitro full, you will be able to run more and will have more chances of winning.

The money only appears when you win a race. So always focus on winning, because with money comes best cars and equipment. You can also make some money getting a time without crashing on a scenario, which can be very difficult.


This new game from Asphalt franchise not even let a little to be desired. On the contrary, will make players enjoy themselves more than with any previous version of the game. There is a much greater possibility of modification of the cars, allowing for changing engines, tires, nitro, and more for powerful and leave your car the way you like it. The variety of cars is immense and they have many differences among themselves. The problem is that they are very expensive, so forget about it if you want to make a collection in the first place. The career mode is extremely exciting and long, more difficult than the previous game, creating greater fun. Already the Multiplayer mode contains fun ways to walk the runway and will make you a lot of fun, especially in infection.

Despite not owning a absurd developments in relation to the previous game, the fact that it was made with another engine of course changed everything you could imagine about him. The new tracks and circuits also refresh a bit the franchise, it was getting tiring. The possibilities of acrobatics also gave right and you’ll lose a good time trying to do the most impossible maneuvers of the game.

In order to run Asphalt 8 on your PC you will need to install Bluestacks Android Emulator.

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